Blind Teenager Throws 1st Pitch At Baseball Game & The Crowd Goes Wild As He Nails It.

Those with disabilities are often dismissed by society. They are viewed as "weird" or "different" just because they don't perform the same way we do. But looks can often be deceiving. Sometimes disabled people can impress us all.

Max Ashton is one such incredible example.

Max was selected to throw the ceremonial first pitch for Game 4 of the National League Division Series between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Milwaukee Brewers.

Most of us would crumble under that kind of pressure.

Max, however, remained clearheaded. He threw one of the most impressive strikes ever made.

The most incredible thing? Max is blind.

 Max's dad Marc led him out to the pitcher's mound for the throw. Marc is the CEO of the Foundation for Blind Children.

Max gets all set up and his form is perfect. In footage of the game, you can see how precisely he throws the ball into the catcher's mitt. The crowd goes wild, and rightly so! Marc pumps his fist for his son.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube, where it quickly went viral. Over two million people have witnessed the incredible play.

The comments section is equally heartwarming. Max has been widely praised.

No one had seen such a fantastic first pitch before or since! Even able-bodied people commented that they couldn't have made as good of a pitch as Max.

Max's story proves that we should never put limits on ourselves, much less other people. You never know what someone's capable of until you see them in action. Do you have any talents that you're proud of? Tell us about them - and go ahead and pass this along to your loved ones!