Blind Teen Moves Lionel Richie To Tears With Angelic Voice

Mar 20, 2020 by apost team

When a performer gets up on stage to perform for the judges on the hit show American Idol, the audience there and the audience at home prepares themselves for pure talent.

For the most part, contestants have passed through enough initial rounds to get themselves on the stage in front of the celebrity judges. You know that they have to be good to make it that far, right? In some cases, they aren’t just good – they are spectacular.

This was the case during a recent America Idol audition. Audiences everywhere were completely moved to tears over the amazing performance they heard from the girl on stage. Judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie were all shocked at what they witnessed that particular day. Shayy, a young singer who is still in high school, stood before them ready to belt out an emotional single called “Rise Up.”

However, it wasn’t just her singing voice that had everyone dabbing their eyes in amazement. Before Shayy started singing she told the judges the reason why she was on stage with a cane. About a year earlier, Shayy had begun complaining to her mother that she was having trouble seeing the board when she was in class. After a few trips to various doctors, she found out why – she was dealing with a brain tumor.

Luckily, the doctors knew what to do in order to save her life. Unfortunately, the tumor caused her to go blind. But that did not stop Shayy from singing! She loved to sing and had been at it for most of her life.

After Shayy finished the popular song, Katy Perry told her that her voice sounded like “an angel.” But it was Lionel Richie who had the most amazing reaction of all! He got up to hug Shayy with tears in his eyes, saying that she had “wrecked him.” He thanked her for the power of her spirit and the reminder of how blessed most people really are. Shayy was given multiple hugs and lots of applause from all of the judges before being sent on to the next round. We hope that she gets as far as she possibly can! 

Well, what did you think about Shayy's performance? Did you love her voice as much as we did? Let us know in the comments and be sure to spread the word about her courage and her angelic voice!