Blind Golden Retriever Gets 'Guide Dog' Puppy To Assist Him Around

Sep 24, 2020 by apost team

Adam Stipe has had Charlie, his 11-year-old golden retriever, since he was a puppy. Adam's wife, Chelsea, naturally adopted the dog when she joined the family. But unfortunately, Charlie had to undergo an operation a few years ago that caused his whole world to become dark. Because of a severe case of glaucoma, both of Charlie's eyes had to be removed.

Since Chelsea had always wanted another puppy to join the family, the couple adopted another golden retriever baby to help Charlie. Thankfully, Charlie now has his little best buddy, Maverick, to help him navigate life, as seen in this adorable video from 2019. 

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Luckily, Charlie was able to cope very well with the drastic change of having his eyes removed, although he did slow down and wasn’t as excitable as he once was.

Chelsea and Adam knew that he was still a happy and healthy dog. However, they figured that a new canine companion would really brighten up his senior years. They were absolutely right! After they brought home a puppy named Maverick, Charlie began to go through an amazing change, reports ABC News.

It didn’t take long for Maverick and Charlie to bond. The dogs quickly became best friends! The energy and exuberance of the younger dog even seemed to inspire the older one to be more active. Charlie had begun to spend most of his time sleeping and being lazy, but now he was thrilled to get up and move with his new friend.

Charlie has been much more active and puppy-like ever since they brought Maverick home to live with them. Instead of playing with toys, Charlie turned to Maverick for fun. The two would always play together, and Charlie was acting like his younger self again.

Maverick also seems to understand that something isn’t quite right about Charlie. He quickly adapted to help the older dog by being a set of eyes for him. He will put toys in front of Charlie and keep the older dog in line when they walk together, reports ABC News. He is very aware of every move that Charlie makes.

He will also rest with Charlie in order to keep him company. While the two may be very different, it has obviously not hindered any part of their friendship in the least! Maverick has shown Charlie that even though he could no longer see, there was still plenty of fun to be had together. Sadly, Charlie passed away in July 2019, but his memories live on with Maverick.

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