Blind Doe Struck By Car Snuggles With Hero That Rescued The Injured Animal

Sep 16, 2020 by apost team

Back in 2017 in Alabama, a woman was exploring a path in a forest and found a very injured wild deer. The Alabama woman who faced this situation didn't walk on. She immediately took action and decided it was time for her to intervene and save the doe's life.

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The woman in question is Mamasgirl66, a user on Newsflare. This big-hearted woman sprang to action that day and carried the doe to safety. Due to its injury, by the time the woman reached it, it was already blind and completely helpless. The first day was hard, and the woman could tell that the doe was traumatized and scared.

Human nature is sometimes one of the most beautiful things in all the world. Few animals have the instinct to help their fellow suffering animals. Most "animals," people included, would have left the doe to die, but luckily for this little blind doe, Mamasgirl66 was a very loving person who cared about all life. She took the doe home and began helping it recover.

Naming a New Friend

Like all new animals in the home, the blind doe needed a name. Mamasgirl66 hit upon the perfect name for this little doe: "Snuggles." Once she'd given the doe an identity, she began sharing its recovery with people online. This is one of the greatest feel-good stories of the year. Her videos of the recovering doe captured the hearts of people across the web.

"This is snuggles she was hit by a car and left for dead," Mamasgirl66 posted, "I took her home and stayed up with her all Thu out the day and night the first week I had her... She couldn't walk on her (own) so I started holding her tail and under her neck till she could stand on her on this was first walk by her self with little help."

Videos of Snuggles Chipper Everyone's Day

Videos and pictures of Snuggles were posted on Newsflare throughout the year to let people learn how the little doe was doing and progressing. Other users were treated to adorable videos of Snuggles eating and her hero calling her a "good girl."

One video shows Snuggles eating for the first time after the accident. The video was captioned:"... this was the first time I was able to get her to eat after she was hit by a car ..."

By far the most endearing video, though, has been a snuggle session between Snuggles and Mamasgirl66. It shows Snuggles taking a heavy napping session on Mamasgirl66's lap. The video was accompanied by the news that, "She just hasn't figured out how to lay down yet. But I know she likes it and all that because she's been there almost all day."

This snuggle video has thrown the Internet into a mass of "awws" for some time now, and you can be the next person to have your day completely brightened by the little blind doe that refuses to give up. Snuggles continues her journey of healing. Now that she has hundreds or even thousands of internet users wishing her well, too, it seems like she has a full life ahead of her. She'll always be loved.

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