Blake Shelton And Michael Bublé Sang The Perfect Christmas Song For Our Brave And Longing Troops

Dec 07, 2022 by apost team

Blake Shelton is one of the most prominent country music artists to date. Working as one of the longstanding coaches of “The Voice,” Shelton has established himself as a pillar in the country music scene. 

Shelton first became known as a country music artist back in 2001 with his song “Austin,” which instantly launched him into stardom. Since then, Shelton has been sharing his musical talent through his honest, emotional and fun songs. Some of his hits include “God’s Country,” “Some Beach” and “Come Back as a Country Boy.”

In 2008, Shelton gained more prominence as he re-recorded one of Michael Bublé’s biggest hits – “Home.” The track shot to the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs on July 19, 2008, becoming Shelton’s fourth No. 1 hit in his entire music career at the time. Shelton’s version was also certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America for selling over a million units in the country. 

Bublé’s 2005 hit "Home" has been a favorite of many artists. On a star-studded evening in 2008, Bublé and Shelton sang a duet rendition of the song during a special concert in honor of songwriter and music producer David Foster, which took place at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. 

The relaxed performance started with just Bublé and Foster on stage and included lots of banter that led into the song, adding to the relaxed atmosphere of the intimate concert. But without warning, Bublé's rendition turned into a duet when country star Shelton literally appeared out of nowhere and joined him and Foster onstage. Their performance that night is still one to remember. 

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Bublé and Shelton's duet of "Home" is absolutely wonderful to listen to and watch, as it highlights the power of how seemingly different people can work together to create something truly beautiful. With the support of Foster, who is revered in the music industry for a reason, this powerhouse of men proves that duets can be done any which way, and sometimes they're even more powerful when they break the mold.

However, Bublé and Shelton’s performance of “Home” in 2008 wasn’t the last time they did it together. In fact, in 2012, the two teamed up again for a much more important cause, at a time of year that seemed to work beautifully with the song's message. 

“Home,” which is widely considered to be a mashup of jazz and country genres, isn't a Christmas song, but Shelton and Bublé made it work for the occasion in 2012 when they performed it again for the troops. 

Shelton found his way to Canada to sing the breathtaking Christmas version of “Home” to the special men and women who keep the country safe. 

“Before we sing this, I know you’re very powerful, you’re Michael Bublé, and this is your special but if it’s okay with you, I wanna dedicate this song to all of our men and women in the military over there lookin’ out for us right now because they’re a long way from home,” Shelton said a the time. 

The two, who have been good friends for quite some time already, really enjoyed one another's company that night and singing the Christmas version of the jazz contemporary hit together.

When asked about what led him to turn Bublé and his song into a Christmas carol, Shelton had this to say to CBS News

“We ended up singing it together a few times in his concerts and we filmed a David Foster special together where we sang the song together,” he said. “I had the idea of doing a Christmas version of ‘Home’ because the song would kind of lend itself to the holidays anyway. That’s when you really miss home.”

As initially intended, the song wasn’t actually supposed to be a Christmas song. But thanks to Shelton’s ingenuity and creativity, he found a way to creatively speak about the sadness a person feels when they are away – which makes it the perfect song for the brave troops in the military. 

“Another Christmas day will come and go away. And I won’t leave you alone, I'm gonna go home, I'm gonna be home. Though I'm surrounded by, this cold December night, I feel so alone. I'm gonna go home, Babe, I miss you, you know,” Shelton and Bublé sang on Bublé’s 2012 Christmas special called “Michael Bublé Home for the Holidays.” 

But at the time, despite their friendship and collaboration thanks to the song, Shelton was quite skeptical about asking Bublé to re-arrange the beloved song to a Christmas one: 

“I felt really stupid asking that question because he is Michael Bublé,” Shelton confessed.

The Christmas version of “Home” was then included on Shelton’s seventh studio album and first Christmas album, “Cheers, It’s Christmas.” The album also included other famous holiday songs like "Jingle Bell Rock,” "Winter Wonderland," "Blue Christmas” and "I'll Be Home for Christmas." 

Which version of “Home” do you like best? What do you think of Blake Shelton and Michael Bublé’s Christmas version of “Home”? Let us know, and pass this on to your family, friends and some of our brave men from the military!

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