Blake Shelton And Martina McBride Link Up On 'I'm Sorry' Duet

Jul 28, 2020 by apost team

Blake Shelton’s album Red River Blue from 2011 included a song called I’m Sorry. This piece was an emotional ballad in which Shelton poured out his heart during a tough time. An exceptional guest singer, Martina McBride, provided background support, resulting in an exceptional duet between two country legends.

What Could Possibly Scare Blake Shelton?

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Blake Shelton doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would be easy to frighten. After all, the country artist has several albums and many more public performances to his credit. Yet he was unable to record a song for quite some time because he was afraid of it.

Highly Demanding Music

Since he wrote I’m Sorry, Shelton was acutely aware of the strong emotional content of the lyrics. He was also intimidated by its vocal demands. Shelton wasn’t sure if he could “…actually perform that vocal.”


After lots of practice, Shelton finally felt that he could rise to the challenge. With his hard-won confidence, he began performing I’m Sorry at shows. Audiences loved it.

Something’s Missing

Despite public acclaim, Shelton felt he could give the audience more. He gave it some thought and decided he needed to make it a duet. He chose a long-time friend and fellow performer, Martina McBride.

One Little Problem

Only one thing was standing between Shelton and the song rendition he craved: He had yet to ask McBride to sing with him. Shelton had known McBride and her husband for years. He was even on good terms with their daughter, Delaney.

An Easy Solution

Since Shelton couldn’t muster up the courage to ask McBride to sing with him directly, he turned to his smartphone for help. After a quick text to Delaney, Shelton soon received his answer. Delaney was sure her mom would join in the singing, but it was a little disappointing that Shelton didn’t “…have the nerve to ask her.”

The Dream Becomes Reality

McBride and Shelton quickly recorded I’m Sorry and several other songs on Red River Blue. Their voices blended beautifully and provided just the right amount of raw emotion for each piece. Shelton credited McBride with much of the album’s success, stating that, “The record would not be half the record it is without her voice on it.”

Make It A Trio

While you might not ever get the opportunity to sing with these two country stars, you can add your feelings of appreciation to their compliments. Remember, no artist can create a single statement without a loyal audience that spreads the good news about performances. Make it a trio of terrific words here and through other social media venues.

Blake Shelton included a recording of I’m Sorry on his 2011 release Red River Blue, which was performed with Martina McBride. What did you think of this incredible video? Let us know in the comments! Then don't forget to send it on to a friend.