Black Cat Becomes Online Sensation After Running Onto Metlife Stadium's Field During Monday Night Football

It is November but that does not mean that the Halloween hijinks are over. A black cat appeared out of nowhere to run out onto the field during Monday night's NFL matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants. The special feline appearance happened at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

The rogue cat sprinted out into the end zone during the second quarter of the big Monday Night Football match-up. State troopers rushed to the field to try to grab the feline but it had already escaped to a hidden spot under the bleachers.

While nobody is sure where the cat came from, broadcaster Madelyn Burke said that there are a number of strays that reside inside the stadium, with most taking up residence under the bleachers.

The cat immediately became a viral sensation, spurring a host of jokes and comments on different forms of social media. Officials with MetLife Stadium said to Huff Post that they will still attempt to find the cat and take it to a veterinarian for an examination.

Although the cat was the star of the show, it should be noted that the Cowboys ended up winning the game by a score of 37-18.

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