Black Bear Without Any Fur Found In A Dumpster. 1 Year Later, She's Completely Changed

It was Christmas Eve in 2017 when a poor black bear cub was found in Placer County, California. She looked nothing like a bear, however, resembling more of a naked dog. Due to the time of year, the staff at the Fund for Animals Wildlife Center decided to name her “Eve”. This black bear was found in a dumpster and rescued by individuals who are devoted to rescuing troubled wildlife in hopes for restoration, but her case was appalling.

Eve was found to be extremely stunted from a lack of food. Her body was covered in mange, making her species nearly indistinguishable. She was additionally given the nickname “bare bear”, quickly becoming a favorite amongst the staff. They gave her baths and tried different medications, all to restore what coat she must have had before. She had toys and pools to frolic in. Life was enjoyable for this cub, but she needed her coat to grow for any chance of survival in the wild.

Despite the loving care that Eve received, there were few improvements at first. April came and went, still no big changes except for some sparse sections of regrowth on her body. In July, her mange was gone altogether, but she still was dealing with a number of skin infections. The staff members doubted that she’d return back to the wild, fearing that Eve would have to live at their facility for the rest of her days.

It wasn’t until November that her staff debated alongside specialists and veterinarians. They finally came to the conclusion that Eve should be kept in captivity. Although she now had made a remarkable recovery, sporting some hair over the majority of her body, it was still not enough. Black bears need their thick coats for harsh winters. A “bare bear” is certainly not going to survive easily in the wild. So where does this leave poor Eve?

With her new loving family of humans, Eve is now being prepared to be sent to the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Texas, where she can have more space as she grows. Her team is dedicated to giving her a happy and healthy life that she deserves despite a costly payment of $500 per week. They know that it won’t be easy, but it is something that is important for Eve’s future.

The truth of the matter is that Eve will not be able to live in this new home without the love and support of her admirers. The Staff at Funds for Animals Wildlife Center are doing all that they can, but they need help.

Thinking about Eve’s nearly happy ending, we encourage you to consider telling your friends about this “bare bear” and her comfortable home. After all that she has been through, she deserves a large habitat to call her own. She will appreciate any support, from one bare heart to another.