Bitchy Or Sweet? You are What Your Sign Is

Mar 20, 2018 by apost team

Are you as sweet as sugar or do you have a bit of a bitchy streak? It's all written in the stars! Scroll down to see where your zodiac sign ranks!


Libras are the least bitchy of the zodiac. They would rather be sad and unhappy themselves than to see those around them unhappy. They are all for harmony, justice, and equality, even if it upsets them to get it. It is almost impossible to have a dispute with a Libra! If you do, it is probably your fault!


Pisces hate conflict, fighting and gossip. They are one of the most non-combative signs and will walk away if you try to fight with them. They are very soft-spoken and good-natured and will help in any way that they can.


A Taurus woman is always patient and sensitive to any criticism she perceives is towards her. Because of this, she won’t criticize others if she can help it. However, she does have a breaking point, so expect to see an inner Bitch if you cross her too often!


An Aquarian doesn’t have time for bitchiness, as they are extremely kind and friendly. But they are not doormats and don’t stand for any mistreatment. They can be born rebels and won’t like it if you are mean to them.


A Sagittarian can be impatient and restless. However, they do not like living in a world that they perceive as unjust and cruel. If you are bitchy to a Sagittarian girl, she will more than likely disengage with you and walk away. 


A Gemini is usually very outgoing and sweet. They do tend to gossip too much and may spread rumors about friends and coworkers, however. If they are confronted with this fact, they can quickly turn on their bitch side and turn on you!


Depending on their mood, a Cancer chick can be either the sweetest woman or very bitchy. They can be one of the moodiest girls of all of the zodiac signs. If you catch them in a bad mood, be prepared for a very touchy bitch!


Most Leos are very warm, forgiving, friendly, and fun. She will listen to others bitch with a sympathetic smile on her face! But don’t be fooled- she can be harsh and unfeeling once her inner bitch is released. She can easily reduce someone to tears.


When a Virgo gets bitchy, you don’t really have to worry about verbal or physical abuse. A Virgo can be more passive-aggressive in her bitchiness and is more likely to give you a back-handed compliment when she is in a bad mood.


An Aries comes off as assertive and passionate, yet these traits can be synonymous with bitchy and arrogant. While they aren’t the bitchiest of the zodiac, they sure do try to be at times, and they can come off as the queen of bitchiness to those around them.


A Capricorn can be the most patient person-until you make them angry or hurt them in some way. They can be cold and cunning in their revenge ploys, so you may not realize their ways of revenge until it is too late to stop the damage from spreading.


This is the last sign that you want to make angry. A Scorpio will plot their revenge with precision and the coldness of a serial killer. They can be malicious, vengeful, combative, and just downright mean. Tread carefully when dealing with this sign as things can get out of hand rather quickly with her!


Where do you rank? Let us know and show your friends so that they can see where they rank on the list!