Big Dog On Loose Takes Down Mailman, Neighbors Rush To Postal Worker's Rescue To Help Him

Every mailman has a small fear in the back of their head, which has to do with getting attacked by a dog.

While the idea of a dog going after a mailman may seem stereotypical, the reality is dogs can pose a great risk to people delivering mail. This fear became a reality for a mailman recently, with the entire incident being captured on camera.

According to WXYZ, A dog recently got out and went after a mailman that was delivering mail on his daily route. The dog quickly got him by the foot and refused to let go, shaking back and forth violently.

This type of situation is extremely tricky, especially when you consider the fact that a pit bull is one of the most dangerous dogs breeds. Bystanders came to the rescue of the compromised mailman, attempting to get the dog off the man.

While one individual tried to distract the dog with a broom, another man slammed a trash can down on the dog. It was apparent in the video that the man threw the trash can down as hard as he possibly could, but it literally did nothing to do the dog.

Finally, the owners nephew managed to use a belt as a leash on the dog and eventually dragged him away from the mailman. The mailman sought refuge in his vehicle, as he breathed a sigh of relief. However, while he was safe in his car, the dog decided to make another attack attempt.

The dog ended up running after one of the neighbors that was carrying a broom, which truly terrified the onlooking mailman. However, the neighbor was able to escape to the safety of their home before the dog could attack again.

The owner of the dog stated to the media that they can't believe the dog would act in that manner. It is quite apparent that the owner is extremely sorry about the incident, but it doesn't change the fact that this type of thing is a huge problem.

The owner of the dog spoke to WXYZ, but asked to not be identified. She said:

“I used to tease and say oh you know he’s a little push over he wouldn’t bite anybody,”

She added that she was horrified to learn of the incident after "Boss Hog", the pit bull, had escaped her home. 

“I could have cried, for the victim as well as my nephew for going through that,”

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