Big Brother Sets Out To Burp New Baby Sister And It's Melting People's Hearts

Nov 18, 2020 by apost team

When your little sister needs help, you pitch in and get busy! When TikTok user Erin shared the video of a very little baby and her big brother, snuggled together in a safe chair and finishing up the feeding process, viewers fell in love with the determination of this pairing. The video was posted to Youtube in November 2020, and viewers just can't get enough.

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Erin's little boy knows that a baby has to burp after a meal. He's carefully seated and the baby is snuggled against his chest. He's obviously had good training, because while his left hand administers a steady patting beat, his right hand cradles her face so it's directed at Mama.

Erin's little boy knows that it's important to burp the baby after she eats. He delivers steady thumps to her lower back to keep the bubbles moving, and the hand holding her head is steady and secure. The baby is held securely against his chest. She is warm and obviously comforted by his presence and support.

More than Just Burping

This little boy already understands the joy of comforting a baby. Every now and again, he has to stop the burping process and extend the snuggle just to enjoy holding her close. By interspersing cuddling with burping, he can extend the time they spend together.

As a team, this brother and sister are already setting up a pattern of how their relationship will go. While the mechanics of burping a baby are pretty basic, big brother knows what to watch out for. 

Even though he's not that much bigger than his little sister, he knows how to watch her face so she can breathe, how to set up a steady rhythm to get the bubbles out, and how to let her know she's loved. At the end of the video, Mama suggests taking the baby back, but big brother isn't finished yet. "I didn't burp her yet!" is his reason for the refusal. A job worth doing is worth doing well!

The first thing we hear big brother say in this video is, "I have a baby," reminding us all that, in a stress-filled world, there are times that we have to sit down, clear our worries out, and be there for someone else. What a great message! There is no better cure for distress than closeness. Imagine a world where we used that on adults, too. 

At some point in the video, the big brother says the most adorable thing when he tells his mother, "Sometimes I don't want to burp her, I just want to hold her". Apparently, he just can't get enough of snuggling his baby sister – just too cute!

So what do you need to successfully show your brand new sibling a little love? You need a freshly fed baby, a comfy chair, a steady pat, a very watchful Mama, and a message of love. The adorable baby girl in this video is dressed in a pink shirt and matching bow with black and white checkered shorts. During the snuggling process, the soft and pretty bow suffers a bit of scrunching. However, big brother doesn't let this accessory get in the way of cuddling and burping his sister, and Mama easily puts it right when he lifts his chin.

Check out the stars running down the leg of the big brother in this adorable video. He's certainly a hero to his little sister! This family shows us that the greatest gifts we can give one another are time and attention. With the uncertainty in our world, this message matters more every day.

This little boy and his baby sister are obviously bonding well and learning to care for one another. Little sister is learning to rely on her brother and big brother is learning to tend to her needs, long before she can verbalize them. Mama is learning that her little guy is seriously good with babies and will be a terrific brother and hopefully get the chance to be a great daddy.

If your news feed is feeling like a hot stove that you need to avoid, take the time to share this adorable video of a charming little boy and his baby sister. Even if we don't get to hear the final result, this little guy is on task and is determined to get the job done! Feel free to share this video with anyone you know that needs their spirits lifted this week.

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