Big Brother Gets Amazing Tattoo Of Little Brother With Down’s Syndrome On His Arm, Brother Goes Crazy

Most of us know a pair of siblings who are constantly fighting and bickering. If they watch this video, they may actually decide that things should be different.

This teenager with Down’s syndrome reacted in such a lovely way when he saw the tattoo on his brother's arm. We are pretty sure he approves of it.

The new ink is the actual face of the younger brother, set inside a beautiful lion's mouth. The younger brother cannot believe his eyes as he runs his hand across the tattoo.

He then gives his older brother a kiss and a hearty hug to show his affection.

Soares Shelia is the mother to the two brothers. She is the one who posted the video and pictures to Facebook, asking everyone to check out her son’s amazing reaction.

She later stated that she had no idea her video was going to go viral. She was shocked at the reaction she got. She goes on to say that God was behind the success of this beautiful video. She said that she and her sons have not had an easy life, but she never gave up on God throughout it all.

She wants to share her thanks to everyone who shared the video, making it go viral.

At the moment, the post has already gathered more than 10,000 shares from people around the world. Many have taken the time to share their appreciation and love for the post. One person commented on the beauty of the tattoo, while another said only those who have siblings know how strong of a connection they can have. Another commented that they hoped her own children were as affectionate with each other as hers.

We certainly loved it! If you are a fan of love and tattoos, please leave us a comment and show this video to others on your list!