Beyoncé Greets Meghan Markle At ‘The Lion King' Premiere Event In London

Two megastars have finally collided: The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, and Queen Bey herself met at the London premiere of “The Lion King,” in which Beyoncé voices Nala for the live-action remake of the 1994 animated feature.

The two luminaries, along with their famous hubbies Jay-Z and Prince Harry, shared a few pleasantries and hugs before entering the theater to watch the film. Beyoncé shined in a gold dress and Meghan looked as classic as ever in black sheer sleeves.

Beyoncé has been a long-time champion of Meghan and honored her on her website in February for Black History Month. She listed Meghan’s charitable work and praised her for “becoming one of the few Black women to join a royal family,” complimenting her for bringing Black traditions to her Royal Wedding. The post ended with congratulations on her pregnancy, saying “We wish you so much joy.”

The Carters also honored Meghan in the same month after they won a Brit Award for the best international group (as the Carters) for the song “APES**T.” Their acceptance speech was an homage to their music video which was filmed in the Louvre. For their speech, the couple posed in front of a portrait of Meghan instead of the Mona Lisa.

The video footage of the premiere caught Beyoncé saying “Your baby is so beautiful” to Meghan, while the two power couples talked about parenting according to Rebecca English of The Daily Mail. The footage showed it was all smiles and a jovial atmosphere.

Watch more in the video below:

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