Beware Of These Zodiac Signs - They Are The Worst

Sep 10, 2018 by apost team

Why do you read your horoscope? Probably the same reason most people read it. You want to read what your zodiac sign reveals about your unique personality and find out what fortune is waiting for you. Reluctantly you came here trying to find out what the dark, ugly side of your zodiac is. Maybe you're truly unpleasant based on your zodiac? In this article you will find the answer. We have investigated which zodiac signs are at the top of the worst qualities list. Enjoy reading, and, as always, the exception proves the rule.

These zodiac signs are truly the meanest:

First Place: Scorpio

The reputation of his zodiac precedes the Scorpio, and it is not a good one. Scorpios are known to find pleasure in revenge and to be very manipulative. If a Scorpio gets crossed, they will pool all of their hatred and focus it on that one person, who will now be their lifelong enemy. The zodiac Scorpio often produces sociopaths - so always be careful if you're dealing with a Scorpio!

Second Place: Gemini

Geminis are known to be two-faced. That's why they can be very unpredictable. This zodiac is really good at making people around them feel bad. Geminis are rarely tactful or self-critical. The most famous mean Gemini is Donald Trump.

Third Place: Aries

The sign Aries is depicted as rams. This already suggests, that they are very stubborn and always want things to go their way - that's why they have horns! Even when they're dealing with small or unimportant things, Aries can drive others crazy with their stubbornness. Aries are often egotistic, aggressive, and quarrelsome.

Fourth Place: Sagittarius

The zodiac sign Sagittarius often shines with eloquence and sarcasm; however, they often hurt others in the process. Even their closest friends have to tiptoe around them because they don't want the Sagittarius to make fun of them. Most people perceive the Sagittarius as very presumptuous and arrogant.

Fifth Place: Capricorn

Although they can be very sensitive, Capricorns are not always kind to others. Capricorns tend to be very quick to judge people and because they are very stubborn, it's hard to convince them otherwise.

Sixth Place: Cancer

Dealing with this sign is not easy at all. Their mood keeps changing constantly. They are hypersensitive and often stay offended for days. But, they are very good at making everything your fault!

Seventh Place: Libra

Characteristics that describe a Libra are laziness, selfishness, vanity, and shallowness - sounds really nice, doesn't it? Since they don't want to be responsible, Libras are reluctant to commit - even when choosing a partner.

Eighth Place: Leo

Life is a stage - no zodiac loves being in the center of attention more than the Leo. As soon as someone else is in the spotlight, Leos become super dramatic. Leos think they are everyone's best friend, because, after all, there is nothing better than being friends with a Leo, right? Just be careful not to criticize a Leo - especially their appearance!

Ninth Place: Virgo

The Virgo is notorious for laziness. They take ages to do anything or make up their mind. This is probably due to their need for perfection - and that might be why they are always getting on your nerves. They love to criticize any imperfection they come across.

Tenth Place: Aquarius

The Aquarius is often arrogant and thinks he is better than everyone else. They always think they're incredibly original and unique. That's why this sign is drawn to people who admire them for their uniqueness.

Eleventh Place: Pisces

Pisces simply don't have any humor. You have to choose your words carefully so you won't accidentally offend them. Besides, Pisces are very idealistic.

Twelfth Place: Taurus

A Taurus is always trying to find the bad in everything - even within themselves. They are materialistic and jealous. On top of that, they are true scrooges and totally conceited, they love nothing more than gossiping!

So, is this what you have expected? Tell your friends about the biggest schmucks. And if you're one of them - Now is the time to defend yourself!