Betty White's 8 Most Legendary Roles Over Her Career

Everyone knows and loves Betty White. She holds the world record for having the longest television career of any female entertainer.

White, who is now 97, has been in the entertainment business since 1939 – 80 years ago! She’s known for some award-winning roles, here are eight of her most iconic:

1. Sue Ann Nivens – ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’

Sue Ann Nivens, a major character on the show, is widely considered to be Betty White’s breakout role. The sitcom, which aired from 1970-1977, has a huge fan following until today.

2. Mrs. Delores Bickerman – 'Lake Placid'

Betty didn’t appear in many horror films or shows; her work is mostly scare-free. 'Lake Placid' which came out in 1999 is an exception. She played the spunky Mrs. Delores Bickerman from the satirical horror film about a man-eating crocodile in a lake in Maine. 

3. Bea Sigurdson – ‘That ’70s Show’

'That ’70s Show' is one of those shows that appeals to everyone. Betty played Bea Sigurdson in the show, which helped make her a well-known celebrity with the younger generation.

4. Rose Nylund – ‘The Golden Girls’

Most people know Betty as one of the Golden Girls. The show, which aired from 1985-1992 was about four divorced/widowed middle-aged women all living together. It was a timeless comedy which people still love today!

5. Catherine Piper – ‘Boston Legal’

'Boston Legal' was a comedy-drama that ran from 2004 to 2008. Betty played the role of Catherine Piper in the series which won several awards.

6. Elka Ostrovsky – ‘Hot In Cleveland’

The series 'Hot in Cleveland' lasted for five years on TV Land before it was canceled. Did you know the show was Betty’s first long-running series, after 'The Golden Girls'?

7. Dr. Beth Mayer – ‘Bones’

Betty wasn’t a regular on 'Bones' but her character was still a memorable one! She played an outspoken doctor on the drama/comedy series which was on the air for more than a decade.

8. Ann Douglas – ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

A lot of Hollywood celebrities have worked in soap operas and Betty is one of them. She played Ann Douglas in 'The Bold and the Beautiful' for about three years. The show started in 1987 and has aired nearly 8,000 episodes so far.

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