Beth Chapman's Memorial Service Will Be Livestreamed So Fans Can Pay Homage

Beth Chapman’s Colorado memorial service will be live-streamed on and the Dog’s Most Wanted Facebook page this weekend. The public can watch online and observe her remembrances during the ceremony.

Beth Chapman from the “Dog the Bounty Hunter” TV series passed away at the end of June in her home in Hawaii after a long battle with throat cancer. Her loving husband Duane “Dog” Chapman hosted a “paddle-out” ceremony in her memory in Hawaii, and will now host the funeral in Colorado as per Beth’s request.

Her grieving husband recently opened up with ET about how he, Beth, and his family collectively prepared for her death. It was a 2-3 year long process after her 2017 diagnosis to get mentally prepared for the inevitable. The couple had to go through therapy to overcome the emotional strain. In true Beth Chapman fashion, she also told Dog not to have a replacement girl by his side at the funeral. His response was to refute that whole-heartedly.

"There is not another Beth,” Dog told ET. “There'll never be another Beth. There ain't a girl built like another Beth.”

Dog announced on Twitter that the funeral will be held at the Heritage Christian Center in Aurora, Colorado and will be open to the public. Doors open at 1 p.m. and the service begins at 2 p.m.

Those who cannot attend will be able to watch the service as-it-happens on Livestreams from their own homes. To tune in, just visit or the Dog’s Most Wanted Facebook page.

It was heartbreaking to hear about Beth’s passing, and we are grateful that her family is accepting the support of the public during the grieving process. Pass this along to your friends and family who would like to know about the Livestream.