Beth Chapman's Kids On What They've Realized Since Their Mother’s Passing

Jul 15, 2019

Beth Chapman’s children recently opened up about what they have learned since losing their mother. Her kids along with husband, Duane “Dog” Chapman shared how they have been coping since Beth’s tragic passing in late June. 

The reality tv star died on June 26th in Hawaii amid her battle with throat cancer, she was only 51 years old. The family had not prepared for Beth’s unexpected passing, Duane told  Hawaii News Now about Beth’s fight with cancer and her untimely passing.

“For a few years, we knew this day would come,” Duane said, “It came really unexpected, really fast. All of her clothes, her make-up, everything. We didn’t prepare.”

Since her death, the family has held two memorial services in honor of beth-one took place in Hawaii and the second in Colorado. The family sat down with ET Online to talk about what they’ve learned from Beth’s passing.

"I'm definitely going to take away how determined and how passionate she was," Bonnie, Beth’s daughter, tells ET. "I've started to see myself blossom into a mini Beth, and I'm really glad I could take away her ferocity, just take away so much from her, and I feel like I'm so blessed to have her in my life. And she's not here right now but I'm definitely going to miss her laugh -- that's something that when it did come, it was like bells, and it really made the whole family happy."

Duane talked to the news outlet about his upcoming show on the WGN America Network “Dog’s Most Wanted,” he said that has seen some of the footage for the highly anticipated first season. 

"So, I mean, I've already looked at some of them...and I see her and I hear her and I freaking start bawling 'cause it happened," he said. "I just instantly start crying ... so, I think it's also therapeutic that you have those. You know, if you lose a loved one, then you have the little pictures you look at. But I have her alive in that show."

Duane's son, Leland, who is from a previous marriage also talked about the adjustment their family has had to make for work after losing beth.

"I've already noticed the difference," he says of Beth no longer helping them during bounty hunting during the interview. "We've only been out for one day. And you know I was thinking to myself, man, if Beth was here, she would be yelling, 'Come on, let's go already,' telling my dad, 'Shut up, you talk too much. Let's go.' You know what I mean? ... There's definitely a different aspect around."

Our hearts go out to the Chapman family as they mourn Beth’s passing.