Best Man Has A Wardrobe Malfunction And The Church Can't Hold It Together

A wedding is a joyful celebration of the union of two people and their families. The magnitude of this emotional event is enough to bring many people in the room to tears.

While these are usually happy tears, one couple’s wedding ceremony resulted in tears from uncontrollable laughter.

While the bride and groom often spend countless hours preparing for an amazing wedding ceremony and reception, months of planning cannot prepare you for every possible situation.

There are times when something so unexpected happens that the couple and everyone else in the room can only laugh. At one couple’s wedding ceremony, the best man was thoroughly embarrassed by an unexpected event that ultimately made the wedding truly unforgettable.

Video footage of the wedding ceremony showed the event beginning as most other weddings do. The bridal party walks down the aisle one by one until the couple and all attendants are standing at the front of the room.

Suddenly, the best man experiences a major wardrobe malfunction. His pants fall straight onto the ground, and he cannot help but react. He quickly bends down to pull his pants up, and he continues to hold them up for the rest of the ceremony.

Unfortunately, the man’s front-and-center position immediately next to the groom meant that everyone in the room saw. This was enough to send the entire congregation into fits of laughter, including the bride and groom. If this was not enough, the best man was wearing a microphone at the time.

Everyone in the room clearly heard his unique laughter echo above everyone else’s laughter, which added to the joy of the event.

Once everyone in the room calmed down, the best man’s stifled laughter became too much. He once again started laughing, and his contagious laughter spread throughout the room again.

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