Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Nail It With Second Super Bowl Commercial That Some Are Calling The Best They’ve Seen In Years

Feb 12, 2024 by apost team

A-list celebrity couples are always fun to keep up with, and one of the quintessential pairs is Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who are also known by the portmanteau “Bennifer.” The term is one of the first instances of a couple’s names being used this way. Both artists are known for their illustrious careers. Affleck is an actor and filmmaker, while Lopez is a singer and actress.  

The couple has a colorful dating history. The two actors met in 2001 on the set of the film “Gigli.” They first began dating in 2002 and were engaged to be married in 2003. Sadly, their wedding was postponed, and then the pair decided to split up in 2004. However, during their time together, the couple became an iconic celebrity romance. There were tons of paparazzi photos of the two of them being affectionate that frequently made headlines. This coverage continued when Affleck showed up in Lopez’s music video for her song “Jenny from the Block.”

In 2021, after they both were finally single again, Affleck and Lopez decided to get back together. In July of that year, Lopez confirmed they were dating in a social media post. A year later, in July 2022, they married, officially becoming husband and wife.

As someone who grew up in Massachusetts, it’s not surprising that Affleck has frequented Dunkin’ Donuts from time to time. And, in February 2023, he and Lopez cracked everyone up with their hilarious Dunkin’ Super Bowl commercial, where Affleck was seen standing behind the registers at the classic coffee chain while Lopez made a cameo as a drive-thru customer. 

Now, the power couple is back with a follow-up to their hit commercial with another Dunkin’ Donuts Super Bowl spot that takes the laughs up another level and ropes in their famous friends. 

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In January 2023, NBC Boston reported that Affleck and Lopez were spotted working at the coffee chain, but probably not the way you expected. Affleck was behind the counter taking orders while Lopez rushed through the drive-thru lane to get her glazed donut. 

According to PEOPLE, Dunkin’ posted online: “SOMETHING’S BEN BREWING,” intentionally using the word “Ben” instead of “been.” Fans online also had an idea of what all the fuss was about.

And on Feb. 12, 2023, it was clear why the actors were at the coffee chain – they were the stars of a hilarious Dunkin’ Donuts Super Bowl commercial. The commercial aired during the football game and instantly became a hit with fans.

In the video, the “Good Will Hunting” star looked right at home, taking orders and surprising people when they arrived at the drive-thru window. The actor was surprised himself when his own wife drove through the line, questioning if this was what he meant when he said he was going to work. “You’re embarrassing me in front of my friends,” Affleck said. Still, even Lopez couldn’t refuse to ask for a donut.

The coffee chain posted several clips from the commercial on Instagram. One video was captioned, “they say go big or go home so Ben went big and came home to Massachusetts.” Another said, “I cahaaaaant believe it’s you.”

Fans rejoiced at how hysterical the commercial was, leaving plenty of laughing emojis on Instagram. Some even went so far as to leave a few jokes of their own on Instagram. One person commented, “One of my favorite deleted scenes from Good Will Hunting.”

It’s hard to imagine anything topping the hilarious commercial, but Affleck and Lopez managed to do it again for the 2024 Super Bowl with a little help from their celebrity pals.

Affleck and Lopez followed up on their spectacular hit commercial with another spot that aired during the 2024 Super Bowl on Feb. 11, 2024. The ad was a direct continuation of the previous year’s commercial, this time with Affleck bent on getting back on his wife by visiting her at work. The clip started with Affleck explaining his plan to rapper Jack Harlow, who tried to discourage the star. Undeterred, Affleck proceeded to crash a recording studio Lopez was working in with an entourage that included former superstar quarterback Tom Brady and his lifelong best friend and fellow A-list actor, Matt Damon.

Dressed in garish tracksuits in Dunkin’ Donuts’ signature orange and pink brand colors, Affleck made a loud entrance as part of what looked to be a boyband of sorts called the “DunKings,” embarrassing his wife. While Brady was a good sport taking on the role of the keyboard player for Affleck, Damon was far more unenthusiastic as he half-heartedly supported his friend. The hilarity ensued further as Affleck broke into a badly choreographed dance while Lopez and rapper Fat Joe looked on in horror. After Affleck wrapped up his “performance,” Lopez’s reaction said it all. “We talked about this,” she asserted. 

The commercial was a hit with fans on social media. “Dunkin just won the best Super Bowl ad. It’s hysterical, has big name celebs, has cameos that actually add to the ad, and is ridiculously memorable. Perfect in every way,” one comment read

Another remarked, “I love that they can make fun of themselves…JLo,” we talked about this..” 🤣. Touchdown Tommy…OMG. And Matt Damon…” it’s so hard to be your friend” 🤣🙌🏼. Dunkin Wins.”

A third fan wrote, “Best Super Bowl ad I’ve seen in years. Loved it. 💯😁”

How hilarious is Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s commercial? Is it among your favorite Super Bowl spots? Let us know, then pass this on to friends and family who’d enjoy a good laugh as well! 

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