Because I Don't Manage To Thank My Best Friend Enough

Dec 16, 2015 by apost team

This one person has always been there for us no matter what. And deep down we find comfort in the thought that we know that this person will never leave our side come what may.

The absolute greatest best friend is the also the person we often forget to thank! Here are a few things we could thank them for.

1. Thank You, For Being My Food Buddy

This may sound silly, but when I am starving at 3 AM in the morning and I call you, you don't mind getting out of your cosy bed and going to the diner with me. You are always up for exotic food adventures and I appreciate your trust when you let me pick the place!

2. Thank You, For Being My Jam Session Partner

With you, a car ride is not about getting from Place A to B. The ride becomes a journey filled with amazing jam sessions. We both end up having sore throats because of all the high-pitched singing and don't regret a single minute of it!

3. Thank You, For Listening To Me

You've heard it all, and still you don't mind when I tell you that story of my crush back in school for the 100th time. You listen to me when I have to vent, You listen to me when I am worried, You Listen to me every time I want to say something.

4. Thank You, For Always Believing in Me

You give me confidence and have faith in me. You help me best the best version of myself! You always have my back and you know deep down that I can do it.

5. Thank You, For Being Honest With Me

You don't lie to me! EVER! You tell me the truth, the whole truth. You will tell me straight away what you think of the guy I'm dating. You will tell me he has to better to able to truly deserve me. You make sure that I don't get blown away, and you always help me keep my feet firmly planted on the ground.

6. Thank You, For Holding Me Tight

You know exactly how I am feeling without me having to tell you. And you don't stop me from having a good cry when I need to. You are always there for me when I do, and you hold me tight.

7. Thank You, For Being My Person

You let me be, and you know all my secrets and the things I love most and the things I hate most. And this is what makes us even closer because you can read me like a book!

8. Thank You, For Loving Me

You love me despite everything, you love me for everything I am, and I know that you will continue to love me all my life. There isn't anything that can come between us regardless of where life takes us, I know that we'll always be there for each other.

I know that I should say it more often, but sometimes I fall short of the right words. There is nothing in this world more precious to me than our friendship and I am really lucky to have a best friend like you. Thank you for being by my side ALWAYS!