Beauty Contestant Baffles Audience When She Puts On Scrubs And Opens Up About Her Nursing Job

Feb 12, 2019

We see a lot of beauty pageants all over the world, be it on mainstream or social media. And most people, if not all, are convinced that these kinds of contests are just a showcase of beauty and talents. This is definitely not true in the case of Kelly, a woman who represented Colorado in Miss America.

While it is true that women who join beauty competitions are expected to showcase their talents, it is untrue that they can only sing or dance during the talent portion. In an event where there's a parade of sexy swimwear and sparkly gowns with playful and elaborate lighting and stage design, seldom do we hear a candidate doing a monologue. 

Yes, Kelly who was from Colorado, ditched the usual song or dance number during the talent show of Miss America. Instead, Kelly, a nurse by profession and donning her scrubs, opted to do a monologue about her patient who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

Before the contest, a lot of people Kelly knew thought that doing a monologue was not the way to win.

But as a nurse, she was determined to educate people about her career, and how nurses are able to take care of people and should be given the proper credit.

Telling from the monologue, Kelly’s patient was instrumental for her to realize the meaning and value of what she was doing for other people. It was obviously her caring nature that made her patient love her.

For her patient, she is not someone who is there to help him with what he needs, but her patient valued how she would go out of her way and make him feel really special.

Kelly was the second runner-up during the pageant. She may not have won the title of Miss America but she knew that she won the hearts and minds of the people around her.

During that moment, she became the voice of all the professional nurses who have chosen this path - the path of giving meaning to someone’s life and being a blessing to mankind.

 As a graduate of Grand View University, Kelly clearly made an impact not just through her beauty and brains, but also for her authenticity, kindness, and respect for all.

Let’s all celebrate women as they continue to choose a selfless career to make life better and don‘t forget to pass this article to all the women out there - and especially to any nurses you know!