Bears Kept Stealing Honey From A Man’s Bee Farm In Turkey, So He Turned Them Into Samplers

Managing a bee farm isn’t an easy job. Especially when there are bears that keep sneaking in and taking all your product. These predators may be cute, but they can cause many thousands of dollars in the resulting damages.

Ibrahim Sedef, a beekeeper, came up with a unique way to keep these bears out of his honey. Its so cute that it’s going viral. He made them his honey tasters! Ibrahim lives in Trabzon, Turkey according to DHA, a news outlet. He works as an agricultural engineer.

For a while now, he had been in a battle with the local bears. They would completely ruin hives in order to get into that delicious honey. He had tried many things before such as putting metal cages around the hives. However, it didn’t take the bears long to figure out how to get those cages open.

He tried to put food out around his property so that the bears would eat that instead of his honey. He left out items such as fruit, bread, and even more honey. The bears still insisted on getting into those hives to get the fresh stuff.

Sedef then took it upon himself to learn the behaviors and movements of the bears. To do this, he put photo trap cameras around his property. He watched the bears for a while and saw the bears were a little picky. That’s when Sedef came up with his plan. The bears would taste test his honey. He put four different types of honey on a picnic table. The bears were drawn to the most expensive honey. They had good taste!

They loved the Anza honey, which is considered the best honey in the world. How good is this honey? It sells for about $150 for a pound. Those bears are eating a lot of money! They loved this honey so much that sometimes they didn’t even bother with the other kinds.

Anzer honey is in extremely high demand all around the world. It is known to help with various diseases, including respiratory diseases. It can also help with tonsil infections and the liver according to DHA. The Anzer Plateau is at a very high altitude which is perfect for making honey. There are also 40 endemic flowers up there along with many unique plants.

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