Bear Turns Doorknob And Walks Straight Into Police Station On Two Hind Legs In California

Some events sound too outlandish and bizarre to actually be true, and you may need to see the events unfold with your own eyes in order to believe them. This is the case when a large bear opened the door to a California police station and walked right in standing upright on his hind legs.

This unbelievable event took place at the California Highway Patrol Office in Truckee. The office staff were going about their regular work activities when someone or something turned the door knob and walked right in through the door. A mature North American black bear had turned the knob completely on his own, and he stunned staff members when he walked through the door seemingly without a care in the world.

This entire event may have been blown off as a far-fetched tale or a grossly exaggerated story if it has not been captured on surveillance footage. After the bear entered the building, video footage showed him pause to take a good look around the police station. He maneuvered to a few different objects and gave them a good sniff out of curiosity. He even walked deeper into the police station as though he was looking for a big adventure or was simply wondering what everyone was up to.

When the bear strolled into a second room, he quickly caught the attention of two police officers. They had the courage to move toward the bear in an attempt to get him out of the office, but the bear had no interest in them. When the police officers realized that the bear was simply curious rather than threatening, they backed off and observed him. The bear eventually made his way through the office and left through the back door at his own relaxed pace.

The video footage then shows the bear walking through the deserted parking lot behind the police station. He decided to take a gander inside a trash dumpster before he decided to leave without doing any harm or causing damage.

The police officers posted the footage on their social media page with a quip about encouraging the public to stop by for a visit at any time. As you might imagine, their unusual post was a big attention-grabber, and many users made a few lighthearted jokes of their own.

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