Bear Destroys Car While Hunting For A Package Of Gummy Bears

Now that winter is over, bears are out on the prowl. Sites where bears often roam are witnesses of their new play and search for food after a long sleep. Bears often turn to nearby neighborhood homes to find their much-needed food.

If you are someone who lives close to the woods where bears roam, it is best to be on the lookout and protect your homes if you do not want to have a similar situation of one car owner whose car was trashed by a bear.

When leaving home or your car, it is best to leave all doors locked and make sure there is no trash or food inside. The best rule of thumb is to avoid leaving all type of food outside even if it is trash. 

Even things like this are not a guarantee of a bear not scavenging your parameters. In North Carolina, one bear opened up the minivan of a couple and went inside. The worst part of the story was that they locked it inside accidentally as they realized that the door was open. The bear got so scared that he destroyed everything inside.

Another story is from Breckenridge, Colorado, where Cate Siegel came home and left a package of gummy bears in her car. She forgot that she had not locked the car doors, and there was a surprise waiting for her when she returned to it. 

When she returned in the morning, she saw that the car door was open as well as the garage door. She found her car completely trashed. It was not long before she realized that a bear was the culprit. She believes it was the gummy bears that got his attention, as reported by CBS Denver

The garage door was opened accidentally by the bear stepping on the garage door opener in the car. Luckily, Siegel did not have any trash inside the garage that would have lured the bear inside and would have left her garage in the same condition. An additional proof of his presence was the overturned garbage bins of the neighbors.

This story is one that Cate Siegel will not forget. It will be along while before she forgets a food item in her car -- especially in early spring when hungry bears are lurking.

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