Bear Cub Wants To Give Baby Deer A Sweet Kiss

Apr 10, 2021 by apost team

A rescued 5-month-old black bear named Boog gets acquainted with his new housemate, a little fawn, in a video that was released in 2016. These two furry friends live in West Virginia on an animal sanctuary named Point of View Farm, which is owned by Joel Rosenthal. The bear cub seemed apprehensive at first but really warms up and behaves so sweetly with his new sibling. 

In the video below the young bear cub approaches the fawn for the first time, looking unsure and trying to stand to his full height. We hear a man’s voice, presumably the owner's, saying, “Here’s Boog again, checking out the brand new fawn that we got — he doesn’t know what to make of it!” Boog does look surprised to see the strange new creature in his home, but he shows bravery and approaches the fawn.

Rosenthal can be heard encouraging Boog, saying, “What is it Boog? What is that?” in an assuring tone so the cub will investigate further. As Boog draws closer so does the little deer and soon the two are joined in a sweet kiss, as Boog quickly warms up to his new friend. 

Again the owner can be heard encouraging the two to be friendly saying, “Go give it another kiss, Boog!” So Boog creeps up again and plants another gentle kiss on the fawn’s head. These two get along so well, you would think they had known each other longer than just a few moments. In any case, this short video makes for a heartwarming diversion, especially for animal lovers.

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At the end of the clip, Boog plants one more kiss on the fawn and the fawn struggles to move in closer, nearly losing its balance while standing on its young legs. The sight is instantly heartwarming and elicits a “Great!” from Rosenthal, who seems very pleased with how well these two get along.

According to local news outlet CNHI, Rosenthal has been the owner and caretaker of Point of View Farm for over 20 years. The animal sanctuary is a nonprofit organization that rescues, rehabilitates and then releases animals — unless they are unable to be safely released back into the wild. They care for more than just bears, such as the fawn seen in the video as well as other local wildlife.

At one point they had as many as seven bears under their care, including Boog and an adult bear named Rose whom Rosenthal began caring for when she was just eight weeks old. The younger bears who still live at the sanctuary get to go on hikes with Rosenthal on the land surrounding the farm, where they love to frolic and play in the many ponds. Talk about an idyllic life!

Rose lives in the woods surrounding the farm, but she always returns in the winter to hibernate. Rosenthal also cared for Rose’s newborn cubs. The mother bear allowed the man to get close and even pick up her bear cubs and cuddle them in front of her. They clearly have a special connection, and Rosenthal has an incredible gift for caring for animals.

Rosenthal has built a reputation in his community for being the one to call in bear-related emergencies. In one case, Rosenthal assisted in rescuing a young cub from drowning in a river. WMC5 Action News reports that father and son, Darrin and Eli Barkley, were out fishing one day when they came across a bear cub that been abandoned by its mother. The Barkleys quickly called in local rangers and Rosenthal to help. 

Once Rosenthal arrived on the scene, he approached the cub with equipment to sedate it, but the young bear jumped into the water where it was swiftly overtaken and began to drown. Leaping into action, Eli jumped into the river after the bear and brought it back to safety. This is when Rosenthal administered the tranquilizers and was able to take the bear cub back to Point of View farm for rehabilitation. Luckily, it was a happy ending for everyone involved, baby bear included.

Baby deer are braver than they appear in this adorable video of a fawn and bear cub meeting for the first time. While Boog seems unsure and wary of the baby deer at first, the fawn has no problem reaching in and sniffing at the bear cub to see what he is. Boog warms up quickly and goes in to land a sweet kiss on the fawn’s head. The sight is sure to brighten anyone’s day.

The heartwarming nature of the video is multiplied when you learn the backstory of the animals and caretaker in the video — Rosenthal and his rescued friends from Point of View Farm. Rosenthal is the owner of the animal sanctuary and is directly involved in rescuing most of the animals he cares for. 

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