Be Single Until You Find Somebody Who Is Both Your Lover And Best Friend

Jan 11, 2019 by apost team

Rushing into a relationship often proves to be a bad idea. Many men and women frequently make this mistake. They do so even after seeing friends and relatives undermine their happiness by picking the wrong partner. Human nature, however, leads people to avoid loneliness.

Finding the right life partner could eliminate longings for companionship and love. And you do want "the right life partner." Otherwise, you run the risk of landing into an unstable, complicated relationship.

Maybe the best advice anyone could give to the lovelorn is "stay single until the right person comes along." Does this mean you must wait to find the perfect partner? Well, no one will ever meet perfect ideals and expectations. Finding someone who serves as both lover and best friend, however, may be easier.

This person reveals him/herself by presenting these evident traits.

They Encourage You to Be Your Best

Do you want more out of life? Are there personal and career goals you want to meet? The support of a partner could help boost your chances of meeting and exceeding those goals. A partner who doesn't take an interest in your dreams won't be helpful. A jealous partner who undermines your goals is unacceptable.

A person who is both friend and lover wants to see you attain happiness in life. He/she will be there every step of the way and provide both words and actions of encouragement to see you move forward. 

To remain happy in life, you must challenge yourself. Complacency doesn't always translate into loving life. If you don't feel motivated to make beneficial changes, someone should be there to give you a nudge. A person who loves you truly could be perfect in this role.

They Are Always There for You

Life comes with a great many troubles. Things won't always be positive as people suffer job losses, deal with the responsibilities associated with aging parents, and addressing sudden, unexpected illnesses. A true lover and best friend won't abandon you when things become tough. Instead, he/she takes performs the extra steps necessary to comfort and assist you during trying times. Look for someone who will always be by your side during both good and bad days.

Sometimes, you won't be able to deal with difficult times on your own. The situation may be too complicated. Dealing with things may prove too physically demanding. Knowing your loved one is there to help you at any time presents comforting thoughts and feelings.

They Do All Those "Extra" Things

Helping someone isn't always difficult. A partner who's a busy lawyer doesn't exactly go out of the way when delivering simple legal advice. Does your beloved do other things that aren't always convenient or easy to perform? Will he/she come pick you up miles away from home when your car breaks down at 4 AM? A person who truly cares about you won't think twice about going the proverbial extra mile to make sure you are comforted or safe.

Going out of the way to help someone shows both concern and caring. A person displaying these traits to another person is a quality human being.

They Give Unconditional Love

A person who loves you with all his or her heart and soul doesn't present conditions. It doesn't matter what job you hold or what social status you possess. The person loves you for who you are. No demands exist other than the one for reciprocated unconditional love. Unconditional means exactly that -- no conditions.

If your partner gives unconditional love, he/she intends to be with you for a long time. The relationship is a serious, long-term one. No one knows what the future holds, but things do look positive when your partner loves you unconditionally.

The Waiting Game

Time may pass before you find the right person in your life. Once again, resist the urge to rush into a committed relationship or marriage. You need to match yourself with the right person. Doing so increases the chances of everyone's happiness.

Why not make everyone happy by letting them know what to look for in the perfect partner? Drawing more eyes to the positive traits associated with a friend and lover could help people struggling with relationship questions.

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