Barber Captures The Hearts Of Millions For His Special Way Of Giving Haircuts To Kids With Disabilities

Jul 21, 2023 by apost team

Having a child with a disability is hard for parents as they have special needs, attention, and most of the time, need to be tended to almost all hours of the day. When it comes to cutting their hair, not all barbers are trained to handle children with disabilities, but thankfully one hairdresser seemingly knows all the ways to calm them down.

According to Today, a barber from New Jersey named Billy Dinnerstein, the owner of Your Kind Of Cuts, went viral on social media after the hair salon’s TikTok account shared a video of him taking care of a young boy during a haircut appointment in June 2023.

In the clip, the kid named Justice could be seen resisting several times. In an attempt to prevent his hair from getting shaved, he tried to stand up and move out of the way. There was even a point in the video where he tried to grab the clippers from the barber’s hands.

It was revealed that the boy has autism, and the way Dinnerstein handled the situation captured the hearts of online users from all around the world.

As of July 2023, the video garnered more than 1 million views and thousands of comments.

Justice is not the first person with disabilities that Dinnerstein has worked with, as he told the outlet that he doesn’t follow any routine whenever he encounters a kid or an adult with sensory disorders or learning disabilities.

He explained that his approach varies depending on the client he is working with.

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In the interview, Dinnerstein said, “I don’t know what I’m dealing with until they walk through the door … A lot of the time, the tension is being resonated from the parents and rightfully so.”

Justice’s dad, Jahod Carson, said it was his son’s first haircut, and Dinnerstein made them feel comfortable during the little boy’s first appointment.

“There were no rules, (Billy) didn’t tell me what to do specifically — we just focused on making my son comfortable first,” he recalled.

Although the barber did a great job with his son’s haircut, Carson noted that both of them played a big role to make Justice feel comfortable throughout the session.

“He wanted me to trust him ... we both were helping each other out,” he said.

Carson and Justice weren’t the first people that Dinnerstein helped as a woman named Nicole Capuano from New Jersey also found the hair salon online as she had a hard time giving her son Giovanni a haircut.

Dinnerstein's approach was different as Capuano recalled that when her little boy got his hair trimmed, the barber made him feel like he was a part of the process rather than distracting him. In the end, Giovanni never cried.

Regarding his feeling whenever he cuts the hair of children with disabilities, Dinnerstein said: "It's nice when the kids come in crying, then at the end of it the mom leaves crying of happiness. A complete 180 — a great feeling."

TikTok isn’t the only platform where Your Kind of Cuts shares videos, as they also post on their official Instagram account. In one video, Dinnerstein could be seen dancing around with his young client to make him feel comfortable.

“God bless this man!” one commenter praised the barber.

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