Bank Kicks Old Man Out For Causing A Scene, So Cop Brings Him Back To Help Get The Job Done

Jun 24, 2019 by apost team

You’re always a little unsure of what to do when someone causes a scene in a public place. You never know if you should simply walk away, get involved, or just gawk at the person making the scene like so many of us tend to do. When one elderly man caused a scene at his local bank, the police were eventually called to the scene. Unlike many of us, this police officer knew exactly what to do with the man causing the scene.

The 92-year-old man had walked into the bank simply to withdraw some money out of the account he had with the bank for many years. After learning that the bank was unable to let him withdraw money, he became increasingly frustrated.

The man’s ID was expired and the bank teller was simply following policy by not allowing the man to withdraw money with an expired license. It’s easy to understand the man’s frustration at not being able to get access to his own money.

Eventually, the bank called the local police to handle the situation. Montebello police dispatched Officer Robert Josett to the bank to respond to the call. People in the bank watched as the bank manager explained the situation to Officer Josett, waiting for the police officer to ask the man to leave and get his license renewed before requesting to withdraw any money.

However, Officer Josett had a different plan to handle the situation.

Officer Josett simply led the man outside to his vehicle and drove him right to the DMV office. He stayed with the elderly man, who walked slowly with the help of a cane, during the process of renewing his ID.

After the lengthy wait, Officer Josett drove the man back to the bank where he was now able to withdraw money. The event was shared on the police department’s Facebook page where it quickly went viral, receiving over 40,000 shares and 20,000 comments.

People gave an outpouring of gratitude and appreciation for Officer Josett’s kindness and the fact that he went above-and-beyond for this total stranger. However, Officer Josett says that the idea didn’t really take any thought. He says it was a simple fix for the man and it was an easy decision for him.

Many people simply don’t want to get involved in situations like these. How incredible is it that Officer Josett immediately got involved with no hesitation whatsoever? What do you think would happen if we all took a little time to help someone fix a simple problem as this kind-hearted police officer did?