Ballerina's 'Sugar Plum Fairy' Performance Stuns Audience

Jul 31, 2020 by apost team

In this incredible clip from 2010, Bolshoi ballerina Nina Kaptsova dances to Tchaikovsky's Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy from The Nutcracker.

Ballet originated in Italy during the Renaissance, according to Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. From there, ballet spread to other countries like France and Russia.

The art grew immensely in Russia and birthed the most renowned and recognized ballet ever, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker. We present to you this great performance by Nina Kaptsova, which reflects Tchaikovsky's true greatness. You might have come across this amazing piece of art in one way or another because it is widely recognized and celebrated all over the globe. One of the dances from The Nutcracker is the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

This dance comes in third in The Nutcracker movements and is performed by a leading female dancer. The origin of this dance is interesting with regards to how the music was created back in the day. Marius Petipa, the choreographer, had an idea of the music to feel like "drops of water shooting from a fountain," according to Broche Ballet.

The representation is visible, interesting, and captures all the important details. As much as these important details are portrayed, they are represented in a minimalistic form to show the most fundamental parts that are the dance.

Nina trained at Moscow choreographic academy that changed its name to the Academy, according to Bolshoi's website. With constant improvement, she was elevated to be a member of the prestigious Bolshoi Ballet. She first performed in 1997 in a production of Don Quixote where she played the role of cupid. From there, she kept getting roles and improving. She has performed in more than 40 shows and received recognition, international awards, and is one of the few honored artists by the Russian federation.

With her performance as the sugar plum fairy, she cemented herself as one of the greatest principal ballet dancers.

You can hear the sound close to water dropping from the music created. Nina was able to follow the musical pattern perfectly and perform her routine with wonderful movements. Her hand and leg movements are in sync with the music. She performs all of this with a beautiful smile on her face. You have to ask yourself how much practice and time it took for her to perform so well.

She floats in a white costume that makes her look like a true fairy in the winter scenery. If you perform such a complex combination of movements and make it look easy, you are the ultimate professional. I'd like to imagine how Nina performed so effortlessly. It will be a disaster for anyone to try the movements without practice. Nina was not joking around when she performed with such impeccable perfection where there are movements that included triple pirouettes.

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