Baby Steals German Shepherd’s Treat, Dad Is In Stitches About Dog’s Choice Of Retaliation

Apr 09, 2020 by apost team

Ava is a little girl who just loves her furry friend, Brano. He's a friendly German Shepherd. The two are inseparable. The only thing that could possibly get between them? Feeding time!

Ava's dad caught the two on camera the moment when Ava took away Brano's doggie treat.

You see, both baby and doggie are equally into treats. Ava's dad gave Brano a little reward one day. That really grabbed Ava's interest. While Brano was distracted by the goodies, Ava decided to take one for herself.

She cleverly got underneath Brano's muzzle and off to the other side where more treats were hiding. Brano was completely unsuspecting. After all, he had some treats for himself. When Brano was done with one of his snacks, he looked around for some more. That's when he noticed what Ava had done.

Brano attempted to claim the snack again. Not so fast. Ava was much more clever than that. She hid the treat behind her back. Of course, Brano is equally smart - and has a pretty powerful nose, too. It wasn't long before he figured out where Ava was hiding the snack.

He tried to reclaim the treat by mouthing it out of Ava's hand. Brano had met his match, though. Ava only held onto the prize even tighter. (Pretty strong for a baby!)

Brano wasn't aggressive at all. He waited patiently for Ava to give back the treat. Their dad tried to intervene by distracting Ava with a game of "patty cake." Ava was wise to what her dad was trying to do. She kept a firm grip on the treat, no matter what.

The footage of their game leaves us in suspense. Will Brano finally get his snack? Or will Ava keep holding onto it? Is dad going to step in again? It looks like this German Shepherd has finally met his match!

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