Baby Rabbits Believe Golden Retriever Is Their Mom And She Gladly Adopts Them As Her Own

Sep 21, 2020 by apost team

In a video posted in May of 2020, these 26-day-old bunnies think that the family dog is their mother. The Internet fell in love as these bunnies snuggled up to Bailey, a golden retriever from Spain.

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Bailey is a beautiful and good-natured golden retriever. He has flaxen hair and a great attitude. He loves the bunnies who share his home with him. Bailey's humans, you see, love all animals.

Something about their gentle, loving attitude must have rubbed off on their four-legged little boy, because he loves their bunnies, too. In fact, he and the rabbits seem to think that he's their mom.

In a way, it makes sense. Bailey is bigger than they are. He's warm and loving. Most importantly, he snuggles and even plays with them. Bailey's family has taken in over 20 rabbits.

They adore Bailey, cuddling up next to her for warmth while they sleep. They even hop all over him sometimes. Bailey loves nothing more than to hang out with them, often on her humans' bed.

Bailey is never aggressive with the bunnies. He has accepted them in the same way a mother dog accepts the puppies in her own litter. Bailey will sometimes nudge them playfully or groom them, but they're never in danger with him.

Even more amazingly, Bailey's family also includes a parakeet. Yes, his humans really do love all kinds of animals. Sometimes, the parakeet will even hop around with the bunnies as they play with Bailey.

Bailey's heart is so big that he is able to nurture anyone. Not only does he care for other animals, his spirit shines through with people, too. He's taught his humans that it's possible for a dog to be a friend to so-called prey animals. 

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