Baby Koala Mistakes A Confused Pooch For Its Mother

Jan 27, 2020 by apost team

Baby koalas are among the cutest animals you’ll ever see, and the way a young koala clings to its mother is certainly adorable. What’s even more adorable is watching how this koala reacts when it thinks its mother is a dog. A video of a baby koala bear and a dog named Tony was recorded by the dog’s owners, and it was posted on the internet. It is included in this article for you to enjoy.

It all started when Tony’s parents sent him outside to do his business according to the video descrtiption. When they heard him bark, they went over to him to find out what was going on. What they saw was a tiny koala bear clinging to their dog’s side.

As Tony walks around in a circle, he turns his head to look at the koala. Then, he gives his tail a brief shake and looks up at the camera. He appears to be confused. The koala then climbs up onto his back, and he continues to walk in circles while turning his head to look at his new friend. What’s happening is hilarious because Tony can’t reach him, and he can’t shake the youngster off.

The struggle to get the little fuzzball off of his back continues as the koala crawls all over him. As they waltz around the yard together, Tony looks up at the camera every so often. He looks like he’s wondering what in the world he’s supposed to do. The little koala finally falls off of Tony’s back, runs away, climbs up a fence, and lets out the cutest little chirp.

When a koala is born, it has no hair or ears, and it cannot see. It lives in its mother’s pouch for the first six months, then it holds on to her and never leaves her for about another six months. Since this young koala thought Tony was its mom, it attached itself to him and wouldn’t let go. It was a good thing Tony was patient and didn’t hurt the little animal.

Since Tony’s reaction to the little koala is enough to make anyone laugh, spread the laughter by making others aware of this video. The little koala is precious, and the dog is so cute. This video is well worth watching.