Baby Kitten Wants To Avoid Bath From Mom So She Tries To Hide Away

Sep 24, 2020 by apost team

Kittens are some of the most adorable creatures in the world, but when Mom says "bath time!" they don't always agree! A video from September 2019 shows the adorable struggle between a mama wanting her baby to be clean and the baby trying to get away from her attempts. This sweet grey and white kitten clearly has other things she wants to do and does not appreciate getting a bath.

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If you've ever played with a kitten, you know that they love to grapple and wrestle. Our tiny video subject tried that on mom, but it didn't fly. Instead, she found herself pinned by the head on her play mat until she settled down.

An Attempt at Hiding

As mom got more determined, the kitten tried to find a spot where she could remain unnoticed while other kittens received attention. However, the kitten was discovered and the bathing onslaught continued.

The blue grey eyes of this kitten could not be more adorable. As she continues to look for escape options, both mom and human owner got wise to her endeavors.


For a small kitten, this girl is quite strong. She makes an attempt to claw her way to the top of the pink kitty pavilion but seems a bit surprised to find herself off the ground. The owner is probably looking for a climbing tree; this kitten will be scaling the furniture soon!


Finally, the kitten approached the owner to get a little help in escaping bathing requirements, but the owner wisely handed her back to mom. Making sure that kittens are well-groomed by their mother is actually very good for them; during this grooming time, she's also bonding with them, says website Grubby Cat.

In fact, if you have a mother kitten with a litter, make sure that all the kittens are getting her attention. An abandoned kitten can get very sick, very quickly if not cleaned, monitored and fed by their mother. When they're very small, it's a good idea to focus on the health of the mother cat and let her care for her babies.

Mom Wins Out

At the end of this epic battle, Mom finally had her way and the kitten was fully cleaned. No matter the odds or the effort, mother really does know best when it comes to bath time!

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