Baby Has Sweetest 'Conversation' With Teenage Brother

Baby talk is the cutest, especially when it's caught on camera. Little 9-month-old Ashlynne didn't disappoint when her parents had the camera rolling back in 2016 during a sweet conversation with her older 14-year-old brother, Dakota.

Although Dakota is a 14-year-old teenager in the video, he wasn't too old to entertain his sweet little sister in a conversation that only included one syllable- "ah."

Ashlynne, laying on the floor surrounded by baby toys like a train and blocks, starts the conversation off with a sweet "ah." What she wasn't expecting was her older brother to respond with his own high-pitched "ah."

Wiggling around on her back in her adorable gray-and-pink polka dot outfit, Ashlynne continues saying "ah" to which her older brother always responds with his own version of "ah."

This precious exchange goes on for about a half a minute before Dakota's "ahs" get deeper, enthralling Ashlynne even more and encouraging her to continue her baby babble.

Although 13 years separate the pair, it appears they have a sweet connection that can't be denied. Dakota is such a patient, loving older brother to entertain his younger sister with toys and baby talk.

The setting of the video only further enhances the viewer's experience. The clothes were strewn about and untidy living room floor shows that the home is lived-in and well-loved. The parents seem more focused on playing with their children and letting their little minds and bodies grow that keeping a spotless house.

The look of the living room is totally relatable for so many busy parents. Even one child keeps you busy and on your toes, but having two children—especially ones of drastically different ages—can really have you on the move.

Most babies start muttering single syllables like "ooh" and "ah" between four and six months of age, although some babies progress earlier or later, according to Pregnancy, Birth and Baby. By their first birthday, many babies have mastered the words "mama" and "dada" and keep working on their conversation skills throughout their second year of life.

Between 18 months and two years old, many babies start to put words together and even form sentences. It appears little Ashlynne is well on her way to holding her own conversation, seeing at 9 months of age she's right on track with her speaking and hearing abilities.

Did the conversation between Ashlynne and her older brother Dakota bring a smile to your face? Let us know. And if you enjoyed this video and think Ashlynne is just the cutest little baby, be sure to pass it along to your family and friends so they can also be entertained. There's nothing better than a few baby babbles and giggles to help get you through your day.