Baby Goats Spot Resting Horse And Within Moments It Becomes A Comical Scene Captured On Film

If you’ve spent any time at all on the internet, you’ve seen videos of goats climbing and jumping on all sorts of crazy things. Their owners find them on top of sheds and buildings, and they have even been known to climb fences and trees! To keep them from getting into trouble, farmers sometimes build goat playgrounds for them to jump on. But goats don’t stop there; they even climb on their fellow animals!

One goat owner looked out into his horse pen just in time to capture a hilarious sight. His sleepy steed Mr. G was lying in the middle of the pen trying to catch a few z’s, but his efforts to rest were being interrupted by three rambunctious baby goats.

The most adventurous of the three circled Mr. G curiously, even trying to burrow under the drowsy horse’s hind leg. Then the little goat decided it was time to conquer Mount Mustang, and he began trying to leap onto Mr. G’s back!After a few failed attempts, the persistent baby goat finally succeeded! He jumped down and back up a few times, and then he did a celebratory dance right on top of the horse’s back!

Meanwhile, Mr. G didn’t even react. He is clearly either the world’s most patient horse or the world’s sleepiest horse! The first goat’s antics inspired a second goat to join him, and they scrambled up and down poor Mr. G’s sides over and over again. The third goat was much smaller, so he didn’t join the other two up on top, but he did prance around on the ground with them to show his support. Watch below!

Have you ever seen such a silly scene?! Mr. G is the perfect babysitter, and the funny goats are great little entertainers. Don’t you think even your grumpiest friends need to see this? It will put a smile on their faces for sure! What do you think of this quartet of silly animals? Tell us below if you’ve ever seen anything like it!