Baby Goat Wants To Play With Puppies Head-Butting Them To Say Hello

Jan 14, 2020

Unless you live on a farm, you probably haven’t had a lot of opportunities to get familiar with baby goats. While puppies and kittens are a fixture in most homes and are showcased on many calendars and greeting cards, few baby goats make it to popularity. But, a recent video is proving that baby goats can be just as adorable as any other animal!

In the video, a little goat named Pipsqueak gets the chance to meet up with a litter of puppies. The result is absolutely adorable!

The video starts with the baby goat, also known as a kid, meeting up with the puppies when he is invited into the house. Initially, it seems like the different creatures aren’t going to know what to do with each other, but it doesn’t stay that way for long. Pipsqueak decides to make friends the normal goat way – by butting heads with one of the puppies. While a headbutt sounds painful, Pipsqueak does it gently as if he just wants to say “hey”.

After he grows a little more comfortable, Pipsqueak decides that he wants to get playful. The little goat begins to hop around the puppies. The puppies don’t find his actions too friendly and decide to simply hide in fear. Despite their apprehension, Pipsqueak continues to bounce non-stop, convinced that is what it will take to make the puppies love him!

Although the puppies never grow to sure about Pipsqueak, they do start coming out of hiding and watching his spectacular show. Even if they’re a little scared of him, his impressive jumps seem to gain a lot of attention.

While we usually consider puppies to be full of energy, they look very tame compared to this little ball of energy! Looking at the baby goat and the way that he can bounce, it’s easy to see why baby goats are usually considered animals best left outside! Those little sharp hooves must be rough on a hardwood floor.

At the end of the video, Pipsqueak takes a tremendous leap and lands sprawled out on the floor. Although it looks like it would hurt, we’re sure that fall isn’t going to keep the mischievous goat down for long!

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