Baby Girl Has Adorable Discussion With Golden Retriever

Apr 17, 2021 by apost team

Dogs have been considered man’s best friend for a long time. A sweet video showed a baby girl taking over that position when she had a quick conversation with her family pet golden retriever. The dog named Buttercup sat patiently and listened to her friend babble. A video of the moment was captured and uploaded in June 2015, and while we can't seem to find the origins of this video, we loved it and had to share it. It is not even a minute long but has worked wonders at capturing the hearts of viewers. Since then, it has received over 1.9 million views and over 18 thousand likes.

The video started with the baby girl lying on a blanket on top of a rug. She looked adorable, wearing a soft pink outfit with a little bow on the front. She played with her fingers, sticking them in and out of her mouth as she moved her small head around. The baby stared at her dog who was sitting on the ground right next to her. The baby continued to play with her fingers and try her hand at talking. She made typical baby noises, not complete words yet, but sounds that seemed to make sense to her.

Buttercup yawned, appearing bored with the conversation at first but patiently waiting for her friend to continue. She stayed and listened as the baby kept speaking in her own language. The two continued to spend time together as the baby talked to her furry friend. While it’s unclear just what exactly the baby was trying to tell her dog, it’s clear that the two have already created a special bond with one another.

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It’s not uncommon for humans and animals to have such a wonderful bond with each other. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, the human-animal bond has existed for thousands of years. The AVMA describes the bond as “a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between people and animals that is influenced by behaviors essential to the health and wellbeing of both.” This means that humans and animals help each other feel better, whether it’s for an added level of safety or protection or just simply a pal to turn to when you’re feeling sad. The AVMA has also stated that the existence of the human-animal bond is important to the parties involved and the pet and owner’s overall health.

Even though humans and animals don’t speak the same language, research has shown that the human-animal bond has positively impacted both parties involved. According to Ethos Veterinary Health, oxytocin is found in both humans and dogs, helping to create and build the bond that they share. “Studies have shown an increase in oxytocin levels in dogs after gazing into their owner’s eyes,” Ethos Veterinary Health stated.

Even though the baby girl and her golden retriever were not able to have a two-sided conversation, they still appeared to have a special connection. The dog stared into the baby’s eyes for the majority of the conversation. The video of the encounter was uploaded to a YouTube account titled Carey Bradshaw. The channel originated in October 2011 and has uploaded a few other videos depicting the sweet relationship between the two friends.

Baby Girl Continues Talking To Her Friend

The channel description is pretty accurate to the few videos that have been released since its small start. It reads: “Golden Retriever and Baby are best friends. Watch their adventures as they learn and grow together.” The channel has a few other videos showing the baby girl and Buttercup spending time together, the two clearly having a sweet bond and understanding of each other.

The cute, now-viral video was captioned: “A tells her furry sister, Buttercup, about her epic quest to find her thumb.” While viewers may not totally understand everything the baby girl is saying, it appeared to not matter to Buttercup. 

The video picked up with the golden retriever staring intently yet sweetly at the baby. The dog stayed focused on her friend, listening to all the things she had to say. Whether it’s because her thumb was in her mouth for most of the video, or simply because this baby hasn’t quite mastered speaking yet, the baby’s words were hard to identify. That didn’t stop her furry friend from listening. 

Buttercup blinked and smiled happily as she listened to the one-sided conversation. The baby kept speaking in her special language as she showed off her thumb. The golden retriever stared at her and she continued to listen, with her floppy ears perking up every now and then. The video concluded with the two still in their positions despite the conversation seeming to be over. The baby looked proud of herself, and Buttercup stayed politely by her side. This video is sure to brighten your day — especially if you're an animal lover!

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