Baby Girl Gets Down And Boogies Every Time Mom Turns The Music Up

Nov 23, 2022 by apost team

Since the tender age of just 1 years old, little Sadie Raye was already a dancing queen. When proud mama Kaylan Theon realized just how much Sadie loved to start grooving whenever the music started blasting, she was left with little choice but to film the infant’s every in-sync move. A montage of various times Sadie had swayed and bopped to the beat ended up being featured on Good Morning America, where it soon won the hearts of more than 9.4 million viewers in January 2020.

People just could not get enough of Sadie sweet moves. There are people that cannot help but get up and dance when they hear music and Sadie is clearly one of them. However, it is a universal truth that most babies are prone to spontaneous dancing outbursts when music is played. There is something truly beautiful about watching babies dance. They are never shy and they simply love having an audience. This unfiltered joy is truly contagious which is why it is so fun to watch little Sadie shake her hips and bop around like nobody's watching. She is even prone to throw in a little spin. 

All these dances came were filmed by her mom in various rooms of the house. The GMA video opens with Sadie wearing an adorable purple snowman onesie dancing to MC Hammer's classic song "2 Legit 2 Quit." In the next montage, Sadie is dancing to Gary Numan's "Cars" while wearing a purple sleeper covered in elephants. But there was still more to come!

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Next up in the montage of clips was Sadie wearing a precious animal print dress dancing to "Be My Lover" by La Bouche. For the last clip, Sadie went back in time to dance to the 1960s classic "Please Mr. Postman" by the Marvelettes. The way Sadie cut up the rug on her makeshift dance floors was too precious to behold. Watching the joy on her face and the rhythm in her little onesies were a treat many came back to watch over and over again.

“She just feels it in her soul! It's not taught, it's not forced, it's just felt. Dance baby, dance! 🩰” one comment read.

“It’s so cute that she automatically starts dancing. Instinct to groove to the beat. So adorable 💖” another viewer wrote.

“What a groovy little human!” a third commenter wrote.

Many also praised Sadie’s parents for encouraging her love of dance and music.

“It just goes to prove that music is the universal language. It’s good that her parents are exposing her to all kinds of music 🎼” a viewer wrote.

“This little one is fantastic and fun to watch. All that energy! I love that she will grow up with such a broad taste in music allowing her further exploration into genres much before her time. Good luck mom and dad, you have a rising star on your hands!” another comment read.

While Sadie has turned 4 as of September 2022 and appears to have picked up other hobbies, like hiking with mom as seen on her Instagram page, we hope she hasn’t left her dancing days behind. In any case, if they ever need a reminder of how to boogie on down, they can always go back to the montage of videos!

Doesn’t watching Sadie dance with such wild abandon inspire you to get up and do the same? Do your own little tots have any special talents as well? Let us know and be sure to pass this onwards to anyone who needs a smile on their face today.

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