Baby Elephant Amusingly Searches For Girl's 'Trunk'

This baby elephant was relocated to a wildlife rehabilitation center in India after falling into a 15-meter ditch on a tea plantation and likely being abandoned by its herd. Now at the reserve with other elephants, this baby got curious and cuddly with a visitor. In the video of the encounter posted on Youtube, the baby decided to investigate whether or not this girl had a trunk equivalent to its own. 

In an effort to figure out about the girl's nose, the elephant uses its trunk to explore why her 'trunk' is so much shorter than its long trunk. There was plenty of poking to go around as the elephant babies take the time to explore something very new to them.

Probably assuming the girl was an oddly shaped elephant, the baby proceeds to use its trunk to search for an elephant-like trunk on the girl's face. Even though a trunk obviously does not seem to appear, the elephant continues to prod around and search for one with its long nose.

Despite the invasiveness of the elephant's curiosity, the girl seems to have fun as she laughs during the 'trunk' search. Nonetheless, the encounter is quite unique and surely shows how elephants can behave in an often cute and cheeky manner.

What do you think about this baby elephant's exploration of the girl's 'trunk?' Pass this on to anyone who likes animals, especially elephants, and be sure to let us know your thoughts about the entertaining encounter!