Baby Donkey's Sad Missing His Mom Only To Have The Most Adorable Reaction When He Looks Through Gate

The bond between a mother and their child is universal. We can remember how our own mothers or other maternal figures have shaped into becoming we are today. We can think about them and all the sacrifices they've made and smile. The love we feel for them is profound, but it's not limited to humans. Animals can also be stirred into intense emotions thanks to the power of motherhood, as this incredibly heartwarming video of a baby donkey demonstrates.

A lovely young donkey with the unlikely name of Colonel Sanders was rescued and brought to stay at the Speranza Animal Rescue. While this was a more than suitable home for the youth, it was missing one key component: his loving mother, name of Mary Poppins. Janine Guido, who was minding Colonel Sanders, didn't have to do much investigating to notice that he missed his mother dearly. For all he knew, he was never going to see her again.

The absence of his mother was clearly getting to Colonel Sanders. Though he had plenty of company, he wasn't socializing. There was only one solution, and Janine knew she would have to make it happen.

Like a switch had suddenly been turned on, both Colonel Sanders and his mother were elated to see one another. They started braying enthusiastically and nuzzling up against one another. Since then, the two of them have been all but inseparable, even eating out of a shared bucket together. The zest has been brought back into Colonel Sanders life and we wish him and his mom years of happiness.

What do you think of this reunion? Do you find it as heartwarming as we do? Be sure to show this to anyone who loves inspiring videos involving animals.