Baby Dies After A 2 Hour Car Ride, Now Her Mom Is Trying To Warn Other Parents

Nov 01, 2018 by apost team

First and foremost in every parent's mind is the safety of their children. Starting at birth, parents are immediately protective of their children and will go to any means to keep them safe. But, what if something that we think is safe can actually seriously injure them or even kill them?

Car seats are a must for all children up to a certain age. From the time that they are brought home until they are big enough to be without it, children are securely strapped in their car seats whenever they are traveling. But, are they safe?

Yes, they're safe! But, you need to be mindful of the time that they spend in a car seat as well as the positioning of their little bodies while they are strapped into the seat. Too often, they can experience a condition called, positional asphyxia, where their airways can be cut off if they can't move. If this happens, a parent could find themselves in the midst of their worst nightmare.

When children, especially babies and toddlers, are in car seats, they need to be monitored by an adult making sure they are comfortable and able to breathe easily. While families may think that the car seat is a perfectly safe place for a child to sleep, we've heard from two different families that have had to live through the horror of finding their children unresponsive after spending time in a car seat.

Lisa Smith, an Iowa mother of three, wants to warn the public of the dangers of car seats if not used properly. She had no idea that her trusted babysitter had a habit of leaving babies in their car seats to sleep. One day, Lisa's world came crumbling down when her babysitter called her and told her that her 17-month old daughter, Mia, wouldn't wake from her nap.

Children tend to slide around a bit when they are strapped into their car seats. Unfortunately, their wiggling can sometimes put their little bodies into positions that can restrict their breathing and cause them to suffocate. That's probably what happened to poor little Mia who never did wake up from her nap.

Christopher and Kirsti Clark of Scotland also had a similar terrifying experience with their infant, 3-week old Harper. After traveling with her for a day-long outing, they were delayed in traffic for hours causing Harper to be in her car seat for a very long time. Her parents thought she was safe and sleeping all that time.

When they got her home, they left her to sleep in her car seat while they took care of her older sister, Malena, and got her into bed. When they went to get Harper, they immediately noticed something was wrong. Her skin was red and her lips were turning blue. They rushed her to the hospital and luckily were able to save her life.

Has anyone else had any problems with something that they thought was perfectly safe? Let us know!