Baby Boy Lectures His Bulldog In A Hysterical Video That Can't Help Make You Laugh

Babies and dogs can be the best of friends. Having one of each in the house can provide endless hours of entertainment.


This especially funny video highlights the special relationship that many babies have with their family dog. Although they may get along swimmingly the majority of the time, things really get fun when the baby turns bossy on its bulldog.

It is nearly impossible to not smile at this video of a baby lecturing his bulldog. The bulldog simply sits quietly and lets the baby have the last word.

You will think that the baby surely has a future on the stage when you see all the acting chops he has as he lets the bulldog have it! The hand gestures alone are worth the watch.

The next video is more of the same cuteness. This little boy is adorable as he tries to explain something important to his willing dog. We can't blame his parents for laughing at the interaction.

Then there is the dog that it is trying its best to comfort a fussy baby.

But by howling? We are not sure if that is the right angle to take but the dog seems to have the best intentions.

Everyone loves dogs. Everyone loves babies. Together, they make for some of the sweetest videos that must be watched by all of your friends and family. Everyone needs a little shot of happiness to get them through the day. These funny and sweet provide exactly that.