Baby Boy Learns To Walk—One Week Later, Becomes Internet Star For His Online Dance Challenge

May 28, 2020 by apost team

Just a week after learning to walk, Jolene Taylor's toddler started dancing. He was caught busting out his moves to the popular The Git Up challenge in a video posted by his mom on Facebook last August.

Like any mom, Jolene Taylor takes lots of videos of her adorable little baby, recording all his milestones. Of course, a huge achievement was learning to walk. She only had a week to take these new films before he surprised her with a new skill—busting out awesome dance moves.

Like many, Jolene had heard of The Git Up dance video craze across the internet. Individuals and groups from all walks of life and all professions have watched Billy Blanco's tutorial video to learn the steps. A little practice, some fun recording, and dozens if not hundreds of uploads to social media have lit up the internet with wannabe dance stars.

Jolene wasn't trying to make her little bundle of joy famous. She was just having a good time with her tot—a new walking little bundle of joy that loves music and has a fantastic sense of rhythm.

He doesn't need a fancy costume. His little blue and white striped onesie with the diaper peeking out is cuter than the glitziest dance outfit. His pudgy little legs do his own version of the two-step.

With a few joyful wiggles, some baby shakes, the occasional twirl, and a few harmless tumbles, Jolene's toddler shows that it doesn't take formal dance classes to really match the moves to the tune.

It's not surprising how many views this video has amassed, although Jolene was certainly surprised. It has an utterly adorable baby, a catchy tune, and even an enchanting dance number.

It also has one other feature that Jolene might not have thought about yet. When this little charmer reaches his teenage years and starts dating, she can open up the computer.

This video, especially with its popularity, will be the perfect 'mom makes her son blush' weapon. Then again, by the time this natural dancer reaches his teens, he may already have gained even more fame for more dances.

What do you think of this baby's performance? Have you tried the challenge yourself? Let us know in the comments and be sure to pass this bundle of joy around to spread some happiness.