Baby Barn Owl Reacts To Hearing Thunder For First Time

Footage of a baby barn owl in England is attracting international attention. Most people will admit to being frightened of thunder and lightning as a child, and this video shows the little owlet’s first experience with a thunderstorm. The video was taken by artist Robert E. Fuller, who has been filming the baby owl and her family since they moved into a nesting box near his property.

Robert and his many followers on Facebook have been enthralled with the owl’s progress over the past few months. One video that has since gained particular attention is the owlet’s first thunderstorm. Filmed during the summer, the video shows the baby alone in the nest as she watches in fright as the storm passes over her. The video has been watched over 1.6 million times on Robert’s official Facebook page.

The international attention created by the response to the video led Robert to talk about the owlet’s experience with The Dodo. Robert says that he was initially surprised by how scared the owlet was of the storm, later rationalizing that it must have been much louder for the small creature due to its powerful hearing.

Robert also talked about how the owlet is doing today, saying that she persevered through the scary storm and is thriving with her family.

What do you think of Robert’s video and the baby owlet’s reaction to the storm? Do your pets or other animals in your life act strangely during extreme weather? Were you frightened of thunderstorms as a child?