Autistic Boy Gets Up In Class And Gives Passionate Speech That Has Teacher In Tears

It is the goal of every educator to make a profound difference in the lives of their students. Lisa Moe, a fourth-grade teacher, repeats the phrases "yes I can" and "Be Kind" each day to her students in hopes of instilling self-confidence and reminding them to be courteous to others.

Autism Awareness Month is recognized each year in the month of April. Lisa and her colleagues asked their students to hang decorated puzzle pieces on the classroom doors to commemorate the occasion.

Lisa's students are aware of what autism is and understood the significance of the puzzle pieces. However, many of them were unaware that one of their classmates suffers from the disease.

One of the proudest moments Lisa has experienced as a teacher took place when a student in her class, Rumari, asked if he could say a few things to the class. The brave revelation of Rumari and the response from his classmates brought the young teacher to tears.

Lisa explains the obstacles faced by Rumari are more than most people can fathom.

She says she was proud of the way he stood tall before his classmates. She says he showed confidence, courage, and enthusiasm. She says Rumari demonstrates on a daily basis a spirit that will not be deterred. She says he epitomizes the meaning of the phrase "yes I can."

Rumari explained to his classmates that he is autistic. He explained to them what this means for him on a day to day basis. Rumari asked his classmates to help people with autism "feel like somebody."

Lisa was so captivated by Rumari's words she only recorded the last part of the discussion. No more was needed to capture the message delivered by Rumari.

Rumari's classmates clapped when he was finished. Not one of them had any negative thoughts or words.

They showered their classmate with love and support. And they were sure to let Rumari know he was 'somebody.'

One classmate told Rumari he was amazing. Another told him he was fine just the way he is. And with this Lisa knew the seeds she planted with the "Be kind" mantra had indeed produced fruit.

Watch his amazing speech below:

Were you impressed with the courage of young Rumari? Did you appreciate the reaction of his classmates? Show this article and the video of Rumari speaking to your friends and family. They will thank you for it.