Australian Woman Captures Footage Of Koala Sharing A Drink With Family Dog

Jan 14, 2020

This Koala and Dog "Are Mates" as they say in Australia!

For Australia, 2019 was one of the hottest, driest years ever. Low rainfall plus high temperatures are a difficult combination, and this has aggravated the dangerous bushfire situation that Australia is facing. While the Northern Hemisphere is enjoying its cool winter weather, Australia experiences the Southern Hemisphere's summer.

According to BBC, Australia's summer has broken multiple records for heat this year. Hot, dry summer weather, combined with an unprecedented number of bushfires has made this a complicated summer for Australia's population and wildlife. As the country deals with the fire crisis, Australia has begun to receive an outpouring of help from around the world. Charitable gifts and supplies have provided a heartwarming bright spot in a frightening and heartbreaking time.

Apparently, even some animals are getting in on the good work of being neighborly and helpful. Riley and Olivia Stone, who live in Adelaide, have had a koala visit their back yard lately, and their family dog has been remarkably welcoming to the newcomer. Affected by the heat of this record-breaking summer, the koala has been enjoying the refreshing water in the Stone family's yard. And the little marsupial, who they call Quasi, has been uncharacteristically sociable – for a koala, that is.

Quasi has been showing up and drinking from the dog's water bowl in the family's yard. The dog, Rusty, doesn't seem to mind sharing with Quasi, and Quasi is surprisingly relaxed around Rusty. The family took a video of the two animals sharing a cool drink of water. In the video, Rusty and Quasi both enjoy the water, then they good-naturedly sniff each other's faces before going back to what they were doing.

Friends, neighbors, and strangers have enjoyed the story and the video of this unlikely pair appreciating the welcome relief from the heat and drought. After all, what's better than cool refreshment with a friend nearby? Be sure to pass this article along to your friends and family!