Australian School Has Banned Ipads And Replaced Them With Paper Text Books

iPads are incredibly cool, and the devices also show the incredible achievements possible when developing technology. Young children probably can't imagine a time when such tech did not exist.

At a local school, the administrators are doing their best to bring those "good old days" back. The school outright banned iPads! Now, students must use old-time paperback textbooks.

According to 7News, The Reddham School House in Sydney, Australia, made the seemingly drastic decision to ban electronic devices in the classroom. For five years, the primary and junior high school classes relief on e-versions of textbooks. E-books are often less expensive since there are no publishing costs involved.

And it is much easier to add books to an electronic library than it is to lug a school bag full of heavy books around.

For some classes, the school chose to go back to paperback textbooks in its younger classes. The school's administrators decided after logging some of the problems associated with iPads.

For one, iPads come loaded with scores of distractions. Paperback books don't send you text messages, and you can't pull up YouTube on page 475.

Interestingly, some kids agreed with administrators and teachers. They like paperback books. Why shouldn't they? Nothing can replace the feeling of flipping through real paper.

And the decision to go back to classic textbooks isn't all that controversial. The kids won't find themselves losing their knowledge about technology. They can use their tablets and other devices at home as much as they wish.

At school, however, they must embrace the lost art of reading an actual book. Hopefully, doing so will open up perspectives to them. iPads are good, and so are books. Why not spend time learning how to become familiar with both?

Maybe the new rules at the Sydney school will start a trend. Do your part by spreading the news about how young kids are going back to old textbooks in class.