Audience Wants Tom Jones To Perform, So He Brings Down The House With Beloved Legendary Song

The legendary iconic singer Tom Jones is in the news again. Jones launched his career in the 1960's with hit songs such as "She's A Lady" and theme songs for the motion pictures "What's New Pussycat?" and the fourth James Bond entry "Thunderball."

These days, Tom Jones -- now Sir Tom Jones -- acts as one of the coaches on The Voice UK. Recently, Jones did more than coach on an episode.

On a recent show, fellow coach Olly Murs began to sing one of Tom Jones' classic songs. Jones was taken aback. The audience recognized the song: his classic hit "It's Not Unusual," the song that made him a superstar.

The events transpired in a spontaneous manner. The band began to play the song, and the audience egged Jones to start singing. He politely declined at first, but it didn't take much prodding.

Jones loves to sing and entertain. More than 40 years of touring shows his love for getting behind a mic on stage. This time, Jones didn't even need to leave his chair. He performed his rendition seated, but with the exact same enthusiam, he generates on stage.

The brief performance enthralled the audience. The audience's reaction showed genuine emotion and great respect for Jones. Many singers from previous generations, sadly, become forgotten not long after their songs fade from the charts. The legend of Tom Jones continues forward.

Watch his performance in the video below:

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