Audience Impressed By A Perfect Rendition Of Lionel Richie’s Song 'Stuck On You'

Dave Fenley has been in the top of our picks this season, ever since we saw him on his blind audition on “The Voice.” What makes it even better is that he also happens to be on the team of our very favorite judge - Blake Shelton. What could be any better?

During the knockout rounds on the hit reality show “The Voice,” Dave faced off against his #TeamBlake teammate, the amazing Kameron Marlowe. If you watched either one sing, you will know that they were both incredible. We know that it had to have been pretty hard for the judges to pick just one after listening to the talent these two brought to the stage. However, Coach Blake Shelton did choose Dave Fenley after hearing his almost flawless rendition of “Stuck On You,” originally performed by Lionel Richie.

Dave didn’t just sing the song the way we are used to hearing it. Instead, we detected a slight Chris Stapleton vibe when we picked up on his soulful, smooth sound. Kameron decided to sing “I Shot The Sheriff,” originally performed by Bob Marley. When Adam Levine heard how solid his performance was, he stole Kameron, which allowed him to stay in the competition. We’re glad he did!

I would love to see Kelly Clarkson come home with another win for the season. However, I can already see that Dave Fenley is going to be a winner on the show. Blake certainly has his hands full with him, but we can tell that it is a good thing he does! I can’t wait to see what will happen next.

You can check out the video below and see for yourself why Dave Fenley is one of the top picks of “The Voice.”

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