Attentiveness Test: Which Child Is A Girl?

Jun 08, 2019 by apost team

Sometimes, we lose sight of the little things, which can turn out to be the most important details. Try to figure out this little riddle. It will show you just how attentive you really are. 

Look at the below picture. All of the children are wearing similar clothing and are the same age. Only one of them is a girl. Which one is it?

Getting annoyed trying to find the answer here? 

Alright then...

Scroll for the answer!

Answer: It's the middle child!


And why is that? Because men's shirts are typically buttoned along the right side, whereas women's shirts are typically buttoned along the left. This tradition dates back a very long time, all the way to the 13th century, a time when the classes were far from equal according to Back then, women did not dress themselves and were usually dressed by their maids, who were right-handed for the most part. 

Men, on the other hand, dressed themselves. So it was easier for their buttons to be on the lefthand side. 


This seemingly insignificant detail of the time evolved to be a staple in fashion as we know it. Before now, did you have any idea that women's and men's shirts were buttoned differently?

Pass this along to your friends and see if they can figure it out!